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Stock for Sale & Wanted

Important – Read this before you buy stock!


The Large Black is now our rarest native breed of pig. We would advocate that you only

breed from pedigree, registered stock in order to help us to preserve the breed.

The British Pig Association is the registration body for the Large Black and before you buy stock please make sure from the vendor that the pigs are either registered or birth notified with them. Ask to see proof by way of the registration papers or birth notification form in which case ensure that the vendor is going to register the pig for you (only the breeder can register birth notified pigs)

Make sure that the pig is ear-marked correctly, preferably ear notched, but if not double tagged, and that the identification is the same as the paperwork.

When choosing your pigs for breeding look at the breed standard



to gauge the quality of the animal, paying attention to the number and spacing of teats. Look for healthy stock that are good on their feet, bright eyed and lively.


Lastly, make sure you obtain a receipt detailing that the animal/s you have purchased are registered with all the details that are available on it. This will ensure a quicker resolution should a dispute occur.

(3/24) Young breeding stock for sale

Five July born Golden Harvest

One July born Bess

Four December born Princess

Four December born Black Lady


Chris Howes , Edfords Care Farm  Norfolk

Tel: 07584 414537 Email:

(11/23)  Last few Pedigree Large Black weaners for sale.

Super x Matilda DOB 7-10-23. Birth notified. Can be registered for Pedigree breeding.

Call Jane on 07790 020940

They would normally be in the field but due to wet weather and soaked ground

they are now in open pens in the yard!



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