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Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Large Black pigs. You do not need to breed or keep them.


The Club aims to encourage and foster interest in the breed, pedigree registration, networking amongst members and the exhibition of Large Black pigs at shows. We also promote the sale of pedigree breeding stock and Large Black meat products.


Our subscription year begins on 1 April and we aim to publish three newsletters a year, with shorter news sheets issued when required. We do our best to help new and existing breeders buy or find a market for their stock and periodically run workshops on rearing and marketing Large Blacks. Members are alerted to other events that might be of interest to them and help and advice is readily on hand through our network of breeders as and when required. Membership subscriptions are currently £15 per year for UK members.


Payment can be made by cheque or standing order mandate. Please complete the separate SO mandate and send directly to your bank.  We would appreciate if you have done this that you inform the secretary.

Overseas members subscription is the equivalent of £20 per year.  Payment can be via PayPal into


Please complete the following form and return, or contact the secretary for further information.



Large Black Pig Breeders Club Membership Application Form

Large Black Pig Breeders Club Standing Order Mandate Form

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