BPA Bloodline Audit 2019 - Large Black

If you completed your survey,  you should already have received an email from the BPA with the results.  


In addition to the usual charts, the BPA have included a geographical distribution split for each line, so we can see trends where lines are only found in certain areas.

We can see that the breed numbers as a whole went down from 2018 to 2019.  We do see these fluctuations, and hopefully better prices and weather, will see 2020 having an upturn in numbers.  There are lines less numerous than others, some we have already looked at and some that are ongoing projects for the club.  The ultimate aim for the BPA is to have lines represented in each of the regions.   Whilst this is ambitious, the club is doing what it can to highlight the rarer lines and work with breeders to breed pure and distribute around the country.   If you are thinking of adding to your herd, please think about these rarer lines that are not in your area.  There is a BPA fund towards transportation costs for moving lines, but grants are limited and to apply we need to put forward a good case.  Contact Janice if you feel you may qualify.

Janice Wood, BPA Large Black breed surveyor                  January 2020

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