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Large Black Pig Breeders Club

The Large Black Pig


With lop ears and a long deep body, the Large Black is Britain’s only all black pig.

They are extremely docile and hardy and suited to simple outdoor systems. Their placid temperament enables them to be easily contained by a single strand electric fence.

The sows are excellent mothers, with exceptional milking ability, and are able to rear sizeable litters on unsophisticated rations.

The Large Black is also much appreciated for its tasty succulent meat and eating qualities. It is superb as pork but excels when traditionally cured as bacon.

Latest News

In the last newsletter we put a form for you to update your details and give your authority for these to appear on the website.  If your details don't appear it's because we have not received a completed form. Download another one here .

Important news: Defra's new Code of Practice for the Welfare of Pigs will be coming into force on 1 March 2020.

We urge all producers (including small-scale producers and those with pet pigs) to download it and read it

The Club

LARGE BLACK PIG BREEDERS CLUB was founded in 1996 to bring together breeders and further promote this splendid traditional British pig breed. Membership is open to all. You do not need to own a Large Black pig. The Club welcomes all enthusiasts and can put you in touch with the breeder nearest to you.


Members are scattered throughout the British Isles and include herds in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Club welcomes members from overseas and currently has members in Australia and the USA. The Club’s financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March. New members joining throughout this period are provided with the relevant back numbers of the Newsletters.



























NEWSLETTERS The Club publishes Newsletters each year. These contain articles about the breed and archive material together with advertising of members stock and produce, and other general information of interest to pig breeders.


THE BRITISH PIG ASSOCIATION (BPA) AND PEDIGREE REGISTRATIONS. The herdbook for the Large Black breed is held by the BPA. For a pig to be entered in the herdbook, the litter from which it comes has to be identified to a specific numbering system and the litter birth notified to the BPA before the pigs reach 10 weeks of age or are mixed with other pigs. A birth notified pig then becomes eligible for pedigree registration in the herdbook. In order to conserve this important breed, pedigree status is vital.


HERDSIZE. Most of the Large Black herds in the United Kingdom are small with many breeders keeping their pigs outside. Each year the Large Black pedigree national herd is surveyed to monitor the state of its bloodlines. This survey, conducted by the BPA, provides information to the club and breeders for conservation planning purposes as well as government bodies

Pig Health Improvement Project


Biosecurity For Smallholders

New to Pig Keeping?

Download the AHDB 'New Pig Keepers Guide now

Transportation Grants

To aid our conservation aims, the club has set up a grant scheme to help with the cost of transporting lines around the country where it is felt there is a need.  Full details are in our Winter 2020 newsletter.

Are you ready to keep pigs? Who do you tell?

The Annual General Meeting

of the

Large Black Pig Breeders Club

will take place on Sunday 21st April 2024

at Home Farm, Tatton Park, Knutsford Cheshire. 

Full details will appear in the next newsletter. 

Code of practice for the labelling of Pork and Pork Products is on the FAQ page of the website


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